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Installation measures

Here you will find relevant installation measures for all Dansani series

You will find information about recommended positioning of water outlets and drains as well as recommended positioning of electrical outlets behind the cabinet. If the wall needs strengthening before installation, you can find the required measures here. We recommend strengthening light walls such as plasterboard walls to ensure a stable installation.

Water connection and drain: If you need to find out where to position the water connection and drain behind the vanity unit, you can find measure information for each model within each product series.

Strengthening measures: Depending on the wall type, you might have to strengthen the wall before installing cabinets. You will find the relevant measures for various cabinets within each series.

Positioning of electrical outlet: You can find measures for optimal positioning of the electrical outlet in the wall behind the cabinet within each series and for each cabinet type. 

Click on the name of a series below to open an overview of current installation measures. 

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