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Dansani YOU – A universe of individual solutions 

Your new bathroom must be adapted to you and your life, not the other way round. We make it easy for you to create your very own expression, without having to worry about the quality , functionality or craftsmanship. We have it all under control, no matter who you are or what you choose. In fact it has never been easier to tailor a smart, elegant bathroom based precisely on who you are.

The new Dansani YOU lets you create your personal dream bathroom – with emphasis on your dream. Choose one of three styles: Vintage, Urban or Classic, or you can mix and match between them to create your own personal favourite. Let your imagination run free, and create your personal space.

Classic YOU

Timeless elegance

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Vintage YOU

Romantic, functional retro

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Urban YOU

Modular minimalism

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Bathroom furniture in different colours

Create your own unique expression. Dansani YOU lets you have your bathroom furniture in precisely the colour you have been dreaming of.

Huge choice of accessories

Highlight the style with the right accessories and compose your own personal universe. Choose your favourites from lots of different handles, lamps and support legs for the cabinets.

Washbasins and materials

The washbasin has to be exactly right. That is why you will find the Dansani range has both full-top basins and basins to stand on table tops, with single, double and asymmetrical variants, in a choice of materials: porcelain, solid surface, glass or marble look.

Create your personal space

Explore our universe where you will find both inspiration and the perfect products for your personal bathroom.

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