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Dansani Calidris - uncompromising design and craftsmanship for rooms of all sizes

Dansani Calidris bathroom furniture is uncompromising quality. This is our series for the hedonist who wants to be spoiled with the best possible natural materials and the essence of Danish design. The series has been designed based on one single thought: the creation of a complete furniture series that makes it possible to furnish the bathroom in a functional and stylish way, no matter the size and shape of the room.

The basic Calidris shape is square, 20 x 20 cm. Based on this principle, the series unfolds into a long range of elements. All the furniture has the same design expression but it comes with various depths, widths and heights.

The elegant lines have been used in a range of single and double washbasins that easily fit into the solution that you want. In addition, the series offers a large selection of extra cabinets, matching mirrors and different types of lighting that make it both easy and fun to furnish your bathroom, no matter the size and shape.

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Add a splash of colour to your bathroom

You can choose exactly the colour you want for your bathroom if you want to try a shade not in our standard palette and create your own unique Calidris expression. This applies not only to doors, drawers, and cabinets, but also to accessories such as benches, mirror frames and shelves. Experiment with the colours and create your own unique look.


Read more about Calidris in our press release.

Shape - Well-cut to your exact measurements

Meet the thin Shape washbasins and tabletops, available with one or two washbasins or as a standard tabletop. With a thickness of only 12 mm, the tabletop creates an elegant, minimalist impression and comes in four light and dark colours. Shape made to measure tabletops and washbasins are produced to order. The extremely strong, yet light and thin solid surface material is easy to work with.

Here you will find the orderform for Calidris Shape washbasin/tabletop with special measures.


Jupiter is the name of one of our popular lights, and is available as pendants as well as ceiling and mirror lights. Now you can create a coherent and matching design for both room layout as well as illumination.


Product information about Dansani Calidris

Frame and Canto washbasins

Porcelain washbasins are manufactured from genuine sanitary porcelain, a strong, glazed ceramic material. When fired at approx. 1,220°C, the glaze melts to form a hard, smooth and glossy surface which is easy to clean.

Form washbasins

The matt glass washbasin is lacquered on the underside, and made in a special crystal-clear glass, which has a more neutral colour than ordinary float glass, due to a lower iron oxide content. The washbasins are easy to clean and the surface is resistant to ordinary chemicals.

Shape washbasins

Shape Solid Surface washbasins are made from a robust, acrylic-based homogeneous material with a waterproof surface that is easy to clean. Separate cabinets with an extra reinforcement made of strong lacquered steel profile must be selected for Shape washbasins to provide additional strength. Please note: The slim washbasin design requires full support of cabinets under the entire length. Maximum overhang for Shape without support is 100 mm. 

Test of Shape 

We have performed thorough tests on the new popular Calidris washbasin in Solid Surface. The test shows that the material is resistant to the following agents:

  • Chemicals such as acetone, hair bleaching agents and alcohol
  • Cosmetics and lotions
  • Other products which we use for cleaning and personal care in the bathroom
  • Coffee and vinegar

If you by accident spill these products you can relatively easy remove these agents with either water, gentle cleaning agents or Dansani Clean & Shine polish. Nail polish can be removed with acetone.

Solid Surface materials are not resistant to scratches, and your nail file, nail clipper etc. can produce scratches to surfaces.

Hair colouring products left to dry, cannot be removed so we recommend that you do not use near the washbasin.


15 mm over-veneered MDF board with solid wooden edges with moisture-resistant, two-component lacquer that gives a robust and easy-to-clean surface. White gloss, white matt and bespoke colours are lacquered with moisture-resistant two-component lacquer. The cabinets are assembled using cabinetmaker biscuit joints and are supplied fully assembled including back panelling and three-way adjustable rails for wall mounting. Separate cabinets for Shape Solid Surface washbasins, tabletops and top plates are fitted with an extra reinforcement placed at the top forefront of the cabinet. The reinforcement is made of strong lacquered steel profile.

Add on options like energy efficient LED Lighting in drawers, LED lighting for under-cabinet mounting as well as internal LED lights in cabinets. For more information on optional extras, please see the price list.


As standard, all cabinets are supplied with chrome shelf supports and 6 mm crystal-clear glass shelves with polished edges that give the shelves a light and attractive look. Not applicable to vanity units.

Doors and fronts

15 mm over-veneered MDF board with solid wood edging and coated with moisture-resistant, two-component lacquer that gives a robust and easy-to-clean surface. ­White gloss, white matt and bespoke colours are lacquered with moisture-resistant two-component lacquer.  All wooden doors are supplied with sturdy metal clip-on hinges with integrated dampers that ensure gentle and silent closing. The hinges can be easily adjusted in three directions. All doors and fronts are designed with a bevelled edge that functions as an integrated and invisible handle on doors in tall cabinets, wall cabinets and base cabinets. Handles can be added from the price list.


The drawers have white, exclusive metal sides and are fully extendable and self-closing with dampers that ensure that the drawers close softly and silently. The drawers are adjustable in three directions and supplied with white, non-slip rubber inlay. Drawers with cut-out for fittings are with integrated room divider and an accompanying lid. Extra room dividers with lids in matt white can be added for optimum organisation.  Details for Push-open function can be found in the pricelist.

Vanity units

All vanity units are made using biscuit joints joints and come, as standard, without top, but with cut-out in the back panel that makes room for standard water waste and installations. Washstands with one drawer are supplied with cut-out as standard. 40 cm high washstands with two drawers are supplied with cut-out in both top and bottom drawer as standard. 60 cm washstands with two drawers are supplied with a bottom drawer without cut-out and a top drawer with cut-out as standard. The cut-outs ensures that there is room for water waste and installations. Vanity units for Shape Solid Surface washbasins are fitted with two extra reinforcements placed at the top forefront and rear of the cabinet. The reinforcement is made of strong lacquered steel profile. Washstands that have drawers with a cut-out are supplied with an integrated room divider in matt white and a lid. In addition, it is possible to add extra room dividers incl. lids. Option to add energy-saving LED lighting in both drawers. Power 2 – 6 W depending on drawer width. Life time 30,000 hours. Washstands with lighting are IP44 approved. Optional extras such as LED lighting for under-cabinet mounting.

Wooden tabletops and wooden shelves for consoles

25 mm particle board with 3 mm HDF top layer, over-veneered and with solid wood ­edging and coated with moisture-resistant, two-component lacquer that gives a robust and easy-to-clean surface. High-gloss white and matte white are lacquered with moisture-resistant two-component lacquer. The worktops are enforced with a highly polished stainless steel rail. To obtain extra strength, the worktops are fitted with a rail placed as reinforcement right in front of the cut-out for the washbasin – the rail is made of highly polished square profile like the consoles.

Custom-made veneered wooden tabletops 

Description as in the above section. Maximum length 2,440 mm. Price and delivery time upon request with sketch/drawing with measurements.


High-polished stainless steel square profile with attractive joints and matching stainless steel covers. 

Solid Surface tabletops and worktops

12-mm strong acrylic-based homogeneous material with a waterproof surface that is easy to clean. Please note: The slim design requires a full complement of cabinets under tabletop and top plate.

Mirrors in four versions

1) White gloss back lit mirror with rounded corners and energy-saving LED strip behind the mirror that appears from a frosted field in the mirror. 

2) Mirror with external LED lights as an optional extra and touch-free sensor with built-in memory function and optional integrated heat panel to keep the mirror mist-free. 

3) Framed mirror with energy-saving integrated LED lighting at the top. Also with touch-free sensor with built-in memory function. The wooden parts of the frame are constructed in the same way as the cabinets. Framed cabinets can also be complimented by integrated, energy-saving LED underlight that provides ample illumination above the washbasin.

4) Round-framed mirror with integrated LED lighting all the way round the frame, and lighting control. Choose between matt black or brass frame.

Mirror cabinets

All mirror cabinets are supplied with integrated shaver point light-control with built-in memory function and double-sided mirrored door with adjustable hinges and dampers. A round magnifying mirror (magnifies 5 times), which you can place at the required height is included. The rear panels in all Calidris Mirror cabinets are a 4-mm mirror affixed to an MDF board. 6mm adjustable, crystal clear glass shelves provides the perfect light attactive finish.
All mirror cabinets are IP44 approved and supplied with the round Venus light or the tiltable Saturn LED light. Mirror cabinets can also be complimented with integrated, energy-saving LED underlight track that provides extra good lighting above the washbasin. Acrylic trays can be added for storing bits and pieces.


”Mobile” towel rack, shelves and wall rails in white high-gloss lacquer, white matt, dark oak, light oak or bespoke colours. Metal parts in stainless steel. Room dividers for drawers in matt, white-lacquered MDF. A lid is included with every room divider. Sturdy wicker baskets in natural wicker built around a powder-lacquered steel frame. White stackable acrylic trays for mirror cabinets, drawers and cabinets. Pull-out trays for tall cabinets in lacquered MDF board in matte white or bespoke colours.


Handles optional. Choose from a wide range.


Fittings and fitting instructions are included with every delivery.

Wooden products – general

On the fronts, the direction of the veneer follows the length of the units. This means that the direction of the veneer on a door for a tall cabinet is vertical, whereas the direction of the veneer on a drawer front is horizontal. The wooden veneer used is European oak. Wooden products are characterised by variations in structure and colour. This means that natural irregularities in veneer or colour may occur, and these cannot be considered a defect in the product. Genuine wooden veneer reacts to sunlight, and colour changes will occur over time.


We offer a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Practical information

Before ordering

The Dansani Calidris range is produced to order. As a result, the delivery time will normally be 3-4 weeks. Please note: the delivery time for Shape washbasins, tabletops, top plates and bespoke colours is 6-7 weeks.

Before installation

Please read the fitting instructions carefully before commencing to fit the furniture. All plumbing work should be performed by a qualified plumber and all electrical connections should be performed by a qualified electrician. Please note that the dimensions of porcelain washbasins are subject to variations within the margins indicated.


Always read the maintenance instructions which are included with the furniture upon delivery. Always read the instructions for use and the declaration of contents on cleaning materials before using them on the furniture. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials or cleaning materials that contain solvents or acids. Always make sure that washbasins and units are dry after use. This will make cleaning much easier, and you will avoid damage due to moisture.


Dansani reserves the right to make production changes and product improvements. We accept no liability for typographical errors. Custom-made products and products that have been altered or fitted cannot be returned. If you are looking for cabinets that do not appear in our price list, we offer at a surcharge, to produce variations on the basis of existing components – cabinet sides, drawers and fronts.


Installation measures

Installation dimensions for water connection and drain in the wall

Positioning of reinforcement and power outlet on the wall

Fitting instructions

677 Handling mirror doors
700 Guidance for electrical products
936 Fitting instruction and adjustment of mirror cabinet hinges
949 Organisation with drawer dividers
951 Vanity unit with drawers
952 Vanity unit with doors
953 Vanity unit with flip doors
954 Cabinets with drawers
955 Cabinets with doors (width: 40 cm)
956 Cube
957 Console solutions
959 Mirror with Saturn/Venus lamp
960 Mirror cabinet with Saturn/Venus lamp (depth: 15 cm)
961 Mirror cabinet with rounded doors
962 Accessories for wall fitting
963 Wall cabinet with mirror doors
964 Cabinets with doors (width: 80 cm)
965 Maintenance guide
966 Precausions by use of Strapex for packaging
967 Mirror without lamps
968 LED lighting mirror with white-lacquered frame
969 Mirror cabinet with Saturn/Venus lamp (depth: 11.3 cm)
973 Cut-out template for “smooth handles” (not to scale - only guiding)
1086 Bottle trap, round
1087 Bottle trap, square
1088 Basin waste with overflow function
1089 Basin waste with push-open function
1096 Cut-out template for Calidris washbasins
1136 Jupiter celing spot
1139 Saturn lamp
1141 Jupiter celing pendant
1189 Vanity unit with drawers for Shape
1190 Vanity unit with doors for Shape
1191 Vanity unit with flip doors for Shape
1192 Infill panel
1268 Framed mirror with integrated LED lighting
IM-0046 Round Venus lamp for ceiling
IM-0047 Saturn lamp for wall mounting


If you need to take a look at our fitting videos, you can find them here.



Each single detail on your new Dansani product is the result of proper craftsmanship. We carefully select the right materials that ensure a product for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Read more about craftsmanship here