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Opening of concept store


April 2016

Dansani opens a concept store in Lyngby, Copenhagen

Dansani, with HQ in the southern part of Denmark, opens its first concept store in the Copenhagen area with complete bathroom solutions. According to the CEO it is a necessary next step. 

Thursday 19 May Dansani opens the Dansani Bathroom Store at Lyngby Hovedgade in Lyngby close to Copenhagen. The 450 m2 two-storey store offers professional consulting and complete bathroom solutions – from bathroom furniture and tiles to lavatories, fixture and lighting which stands the moist environment of the bathroom.

Until now, Dansani has only sold design furniture for bathrooms through wholesalers and plumbers, so the opening is a huge but necessary step:

– Ten years ago there were more than 50 wholesaler-owned showrooms dedicated to bathrooms in Denmark. Today there are only few owned by plumbers. This means that consumers to a great extend miss the professional consulting and the experience from seeing the physical product which is possible in a shop. This also means that we have lost some essential display windows for our products, and we want to right both by opening the Dansani Bathroom Store, says CEO Carsten Friis.

A gap in the market

The store offers everything needed to equip the entire bathroom, and additionally the customers will receive professional consultancy from design consultants with many years of experience within the line of business.

Previously, the customers’ typical buying behaviour meant addressing the local plumber who would then take care of the rest. Today the internet is the customers’ first choice. But only few effect their purchase on the internet.

– Eight out of ten start their search on the internet but most customers wish to effect their purchase at a physical store with professional consultancy. After all it is often the most expensive room in the house. So, the few physical stores actually present a gap in the market. At the same time, we think the bathroom deserves the attention which the kitchens have received for many years, and we wish to elevate the level of what you can expect of a bathroom store, says Carsten Friis.

The right location

Dansani Bathroom Store is located in Kgs. Lyngby just outside the Copenhagen city centre. The area is also known for its many housing and kitchen stores as well as vibrant retail.

– It was important to us to find the right location for us to reach the customers with spending power, and at the same time be located in an area that already attracts customers on the search for inspiration to the house. The location is just perfect as we attract customers from the entire Copenhagen area and North Zealand, says Carsten Friis.

Facts about Dansani Bathroom Store

Dansani Bathroom Store will be located at Lyngby Hovedgade 61 in Kgs. Lyngby. The 450 m2 is divided into two storeys, and offers well-considered solutions for the bathroom and professional consultancy from the design consultants.  


Beside Dansani's own assortment of furniture, lighting and shower enclosure, Dansani will also carry a wide range of other bathroom equipment such as fixture, lavatories, bathtubs and tiles.

Among the suppliers are Hans Grohe, Vola, Kriss, Unidrain, Duravit, Viega and Fliseuniverset (tiles).

Within accessories and lifestyle products for the bathroom, the store will carry a wide range of products from Scandinavian brands such as Menu, Aquanova, Tine K, Badeanstalten and Nordicform.

Collaboration with plumbers

Dansani Bathroom Store do not have their own plumber. Dansani will instead collaborate with the many plumbers the group supply to today, and the plumbers will direct their customers to Dansani Bathroom Store.

Additionally, the store applies to developers and architects who look for solutions to larger building works.

Dansani, which develops and market products to bathrooms, is established in 1983 and has its headquarter in Haderslev, Southern Denmark. Dansani has subsidiaries in England, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Sweden, and 80 per cent of the sales are made abroad.