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Perfect lighting

Proper bathroom lighting improves your well-being

Typically, we are in the bathroom when we are in between the states of being awake and sleeping, both in the morning and in the evening. That is why the lighting in this room is so vital for your well-being.

Dansani offers you solutions featuring ceiling pendant lights, ceiling lamps, lamps in mirrors and mirror cabinets, washbasins with lighting as well as indirect lighting in cabinets and drawers. They represent the right balance between well-being and work light, meaning that you get as close to natural light as possible and you look the way you would look if you were outdoors.

In addition, all our lighting solutions are adjusted to offer you a harmonious and natural light source expression. Dansani uses LED in all our lighting solutions in order to ensure energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting.

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Bathe yourself in perfect illumination

Light creates atmosphere

Light control

For those who want to personally control the colour temperature of their light from the warmest to the coolest end of the spectrum, we now offer many of our mirrors and mirror cabinets with controllable lighting, which can also be dimmed. You can adjust the light to your needs and daily routines using a built-in touch panel with an on-off function as well as variable dimmers and colour temperature controls.

Please find our film about light control to the left.

Danish design

Dansani offers you beautiful solutions for your bathroom, created on the basis of the principles behind Danish design: functionality, simplicity and naturalness.

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